Ballast acknowledges that real estate accounts for a meaningful portion of global carbon emissions. We believe we have a corporate and human responsibility to consider sustainability throughout our investment process. Ballast believes that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles are crucial to developing a resilient business for our employees, long-term value for our investors and sustainable communities for our residents.

As stewards of global capital and operators of local assets, Ballast follows an ESG framework that creates accountability and delivers transparency to our partners. Our strategy of buying pre-existing assets from local and regional owners affords Ballast tremendous opportunity to create meaningful impact. We typically acquire older assets with deferred maintenance, inefficient building systems and deficient capital expenditure for years, or even decades. Ballast’s value-add approach includes energy efficient appliances and LED lighting, water conservation and waste initiatives, as well as electrical and seismic upgrades. By focusing on adaptive re-use, we avoid the heavy environmental impacts associated with ground-up development.

Ballast believes our approach delivers a double-bottom line, creating superior risk-adjusted returns and sustainable assets for future generations. By managing energy, water consumption and waste more efficiently, we seek to reduce our environmental impact while achieving cost savings across our portfolio. These benefits are realized by investors, tenants and the communities in which we operate.